When someone does something gratifying for you, it can make your day, week or even month. I know personally, I feel like “skipping through the streets” when I receive a compliment. A compliment is a type of random act of kindness. An act that I not only appreciate in every way, but think about returning.

As you can see throughout the first three posts, I like to challenge my readers to go out of their way to do something that will help them. In the next twenty-four hours I challenge you to go out of your way to make somebody happy. It can be your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, grandpa, grandma. All I suggest is to look someone in the eye and give them a complement.

Physical Actions
Of course, complements aren’t the only way to make a positive impact on another person. Try to import a physical commitment to your schedule. It can be as simple as helping your mom clean her house or as complex as driving a stranger to her broken down car. As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” If you are a firm believer of the statement, this type of “Random Act of Kindness” will probably be for you.

Money Donation
Please don’t make this out that I’m trying to scam you of your money because I’m not. Now that that is out of the way, I think I should give a more in depth reason on why money donations make an enormous impact on a person. Do Not: give to the person him or herself. Give to his or her charity. When you give to a friends charity you are not only making your friend feel good, your helping the charity.

Help A Child
The future of society is on seven and eight year olds’ back. We know they’ll learn and develop (hopefully!) but why not try to speed the process up? Why not go to a local library and volunteer to read a book? Not only do the kids look up to you because you are old, but also because as a member of the world, you are a role model for kids everywhere. Parents: This final “Act of Kindness” is suited for you.

Take the initiative. Realize that someone out there is feeling downtrodden and gloomy and needs to be picked up by a complement. Realize that your roommate might need help with the dishes; help him out. Realize that your brother might be looking for someone to sponsor him in his upcoming race; help him out. Realize that a child in your local area might need a role model. All of these different types of people can be helped with a random act of kindness.