Relaxation is an important part in our every day life. When we relax we feel rejuvenated, delightful and pleasant. This then brings up the spirits of everybody we meet. I’ve found that relaxing can change the moods that I’m in. Without relaxation I can be very tense and worried. With relaxation, stress is no where to be found. Here are five ways you can relax and live in a stress-less environment:

1. Wake Up Early. When you wake up early you release the stress of being late. And when your late, your are definitely not relaxed. Getting into a wake up routine is something I am trying to do. I believe waking up early is one of the most effective ways to eliminate stress.

2. Spend Time With Family.
Not only will you make yourself happy, it will make your loved ones happy as well. Something small like watching T.V., can lead to something larger than life, like planning a run for autism.

3. Exercise. Exercise leads to relaxation? Yes it does. When you play tennis or go for a one mile run, you work your butt off. Once you get home, you take a shower and relax. After working yourself out you feel good about it. Take my word for it.

4. Read. Reading is an important activity even if it’s not from a book. Not only do you relax when you read, but you also gain knowledge. If you are reclining and gaining knowledge all from doing one activity, you are being very productive. Which leads us to…

5. Be Productive.
The more time you spend working at work, the less time you’ll have to spend time working at home. Which means more time spent with the family. Being productive also makes you feel good about yourself because you felt like you’ve accomplished something when you’ve finished one of your most important tasks.

I try to incorporate all of these concepts every day, but sometimes it can not be done. Yesterday, for instance I spent time with my family playing board games, I exercised playing tennis, I read an online article, and did most of my work for the weekend, but because my alarm wasn’t working I didn’t wake up early. Things come up like meetings, emergencies, and late notifications; working around those things to complete those five items is extremely important. The five items listed above are keys to life because they can single-handily make the difference between a person who is overwhelmingly stressed and a person who is deeply connected to relaxation.