When your are a tourist for the first time, you are presented with new experiences, new adventures, and new thoughts.

The place you visit will likely be somewhere extravagant and beautiful, but it certainly does not have to be. Most places will have stunning scenery, but it certainly does not have to. Most places will have a quality tourist attraction, but it certainly does not have to. What’s my point? Every place provides a different kind of relaxation.

Maine. Everything in Maine can be described as rustically ravishing. The clear water, the log houses, the old automobiles are all dressed in fine dapper suits, but seem to resemble something you would see in the Midwest. Unlike many places I’ve been to, Maine’s ancientness doesn’t take away from the experience, it adds to it.

Miami, Florida. The mass amount of beaches are the tourists attraction. The beaches are here. The beaches are there. This is an ideal place to visit for me. I like to go swimming in the ocean, playing beach volleyball with my family, and overall just having a good time with my family.

New York City. For some shopping is a relaxation. In order to bide by those men and women requests, NYC has to be on the list for places that can be extremely relaxing. By the way, I’m not just talking about clothes. Technology is abundant and if that suits you, more power to ya.

San Francisco, California
. San Fran is a cool city to visit. The official Visitors Site for San Francisco says, “Cool fog. Hot restaurants. Neighborhoods to explore.” I buy it, plus transportation is awesome. Add that all together and you have a quality tourist city.

Puerto Rico. Tradition, history and relaxation can all be found at Puerto Rico. There are a lot of thing you can do which makes Puerto Rico an excellent place to stay. There are a ton of worthwhile luxurious places to stay that this trip is a can’t miss.

Los Angeles, California. LA is a tourist town. If you have never been, you are definitely missing something. Not only do they have beaches, but also “tourist hotspots” like Universal Studios and the Santa Monica Pier. I was there once and felt I didn’t get to see enough, a second trip would make me happy.

Some of these places, or all, are not built for the frugal lifestyle. I’m sorry about that, but I tried to pick out some of the most relaxing places to visit.