What is a zone? A place where you yourself can go to relax, to have fun, to relieve stress. It can be a place or a time, more times than not it is indeed a place.

Most people have a zone and don’t realize it. When you have a zone you put up another factor of your life and reduce stress. A zone is like a best friend. You can just be yourself and have a good time when your at this place and/or that time. It’s natural. If your having trouble finding a zone for yourself or you don’t know what a zone “looks like”, “feels like”, “smells like”, “tastes like”, or “sounds like”: read on.

Let me start off by saying I found my zone two weeks ago. Not only have I felt less stressed every second in those two weeks than any other pair of weeks in this year, but also I am rejuvenated to new levels. My zone is in the mornings, when everyone has yet to rise, typing on my laptop. That is my time. It’s my zone. My writing capability goes to new heights when I am put in the setting of looking at the birds chirping to their peers.

Things that you love to do provoke relaxation. Hobbies are things you love to do. If your LeBron James, your zone will most likely be the basketball court. If your George W. Bush, your zone will probably be the White House. It is different for different people. If you can’t find your zone through your hobbies, maybe the negatives of not finding and having a zone will get to you. (Insider note: Expect a post about “hobbies” in the near future.)

Stress is common way to decide whether or not you have a place to go to. If you are under a lot of heat in life altogether, you probably don’t have a zone. That’s nothing against people with stress in their lives, it’s just not my preference life style. What is my preference life style though is living with as minimal stress as possible. And when you have a zone, a place to go to, a special time for yourself, you put your best foot forward.

A time to think about your zone is in bed at night. Before you go to sleep you usually have not much on your mind, so it seems to be the perfect time. Think about where you like to spend the colossal amount of time. Think about your hobbies, your passions in life. From there you will probably get a zone that you love and enjoy.

(Above is a picture of my personal zone. Hope it looks relaxing for you!)