Sleep can change one humans life. Rest is incredibly important to the human body, without it we would all be moaning and moping around the world. I suggest sleep to such a high degree, that at 11:00 PM on this very night I will promise to go to sleep.

I’ll be honest, I hate sleep. Sleep seems like nothingness. Nothingness is sleep. The problem here is that I’m viewing sleep in a negative way. If you feel like me and hate sleep, here is a three step process that could turn it all around.

Step 1: Love To Sleep
Zen Habits writer, Leo Babauta, wrote an article to “Love Thy Enemy”. In this case we can use some of his examples. When your enemy, in this situation sleep, is viewed poorly, the relationship between you and your opponent is going to get worse. Whereas if you try to make the relationship better it might get better.

Step 2: Accept Sleep
After you learn to love, you must accept that sleep helps you in tremendous ways. When you sleep you 1) feel prodigious 2) it is easier exercise your body 3) have a more relaxed personality. If you accept it, you have sixty-six percent of the battle done with. Don’t give up on me yet, you are almost done!

Step 3: Actually Sleep

Put the plan into action. Have some motivation that gets you to sleep. My motivation is being able to wake up in the morning and write. Yours could be that you hope you have a good dream, you exercised during the day, or your bed feels extremely comfortable. Please have a motive because without it, you might forget your goal.

Try not to make your rest short. According to this article, many of us are getting much less than the necessary eight hours of sleep. To quote the article: “There is plenty of evidence that long-term sleep deprivation can be unhealthy. Horne says that it can affect decision-making and cognitive functioning, and contribute to obesity, metabolic syndrome and related problems.” Worldwide society could take a hit if we do not get enough sleep.

I suggest taking this three step process to heart and try to use it. The timeframe can be anywhere from three weeks to three months, but as long as you end up trying to use this plan you end up a winner. I hope this guide helped one or two people. Farewell!