(Disclaimer: I was planning on putting this post out on Monday morning, but due to Leisure Views’ quick quick return I was forced to throw this one out of the hat on Thursday morning.)

The work week is a long five day grueling process for the every day worker. Most days seem to carry on forever. Your wondering when Friday afternoon will arise. Going through work this way will most likely result in a job that is no more. You’ll get fired because of your procrastination skills (or lack thereof) and insufficient work habits. Here are three ways you can put yourself in a better position at work:

1. Clear Out Your Inbox.
Workers now a day rely heavily on the computer. Your emails are most likely cluttered. You need to organize this. I’ve used Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Live, Gmail and AOL. By far, the most efficient of all has been Gmail. I can “filter” different emails based on importance level, color coding, and “starring”. It’s very easy to archive an email and it happens to my most useful tool. The features a Gmail account provides are innumerable; create your Gmail account today.

2. Refine Your Task List (and if you don’t have a task list, create one). It is important every once and a while to make sure you are on track with your weekly and monthly goals. When you create/refine your task list, your making a commitment to these goals. When you write them down, you are more obligated to complete “Goal A” or “Goal B”. In my personal experience, the task list I make helps me stay focus on the weeks goals.

3. Do Not Procrastinate. Procrastination does many things for workers. None of them being positive. Wasting time is something many young people get fired for, whether it was talking to a coworker or surfing the web. These decisions will lead to asking for money on the streets. I’m not too sure about you, but that isn’t the type of lifestyle I am for. If your procrastinating this very second, get back to work.

These three tips alone can help you advance as a worker every day. I highly suggest you try them out. Not only do they make me feel great every day, they enhance the quality of the paycheck you receive.