A deep breathe is extremely meaningful in the scheme of life. It can be the difference between somebody breaking out in a hissy fit, and somebody who is mature and well behaved. I try to shoot for the latter whenever I feel irate. Simply put, you have to stay away from the first idea of nonsense, having an outburst, and one of the greatest ways to do that is with a deep breathe.

NBA superstars take a deep breathe on the court before a free throw. Not to look cool, not be stylish, but to be relaxed before they take the shot. Well instead of taking a deep breathe before the shot, take a deep breathe after. Your not in a mood to start trouble before you get insulted or attacked.

In my personal situation, I am pretty bad with the deep breathe. I’m usually red as a tomato when constructive criticism can interfere with my daily routine, but the internet is my biggest helper with this situation. On the ‘net, you have extra time to answer a question, criticism or insult. Instead of responding rudely, take a deep breathe, walk around your house if you need. Then respond to the negative comment.

If you can’t handle responding, don’t. But if by any chance you do respond, make the negative into a positive. Although it’s not necessary, I suggest thanking the person for their help. However harsh the comment may be, if a deep breathe is not involved the “task” probably will still be in turmoil.

When someone states deep breathe, what do you think of? It matters. You have to find a place where you are comfortable in. Whether it be laying on the beach or sitting in the park. If a place on the Earth is calm minding to you, use that place when you take your breathe.

Deep breathing is the key to this all. Without inhaling and exhaling you are absolutely no where. It’s more than that really though. It’s about controlling yourself and making sure you don’t get too angry over one comment. (That’s where you take the breathe.) You can do it, the world is backing you to control your deep breathe.