Relaxation is made when you finish a task. How do you finish a task quickly and efficiently? You follow a deadline. How do make sure all work is done on time? You follow a deadline. How do you complement well done work? You follow a deadline. Deadlines make for a very important tool in the workplace and life altogether. When you set and follow a deadline you:

Improved your work ethic. Once you follow that time period you had to accomplish Task A, you can now say you improved your work ethic. You completed a goal and therefore you shall be rewarded with the thought of yourself improving, or improving your work ethic. Follow those deadlines to be rewarded with improvement.

Feel better about yourself. This relates to the first point. When you improve your work ethic you feel better about yourself. Following a deadline is a long process of trying to not save the workload till the last night, but spreading out the amount of work throughout the time period. To be honest, I rarely do spread the work out, but when I do, I feel rewarded to a very high degree.

Create motivation. Motivation is a key when doing any sort of work. You have to feel connected to that work somehow or you will never get it done. Once you finish your completed goal you say to yourself that you can beat the deadline again and again and again.

Get to spend more time doing the things you love. I like to exercise. When I finish this post, I’ll go out and shoot the basketball around. If you like to write then when your done with your work, log on to your laptop and start to write. This helps with the post above as motivation is key to success.

Make “beating the deadline” a habit. You do it once, you did it again. You do it again, you do it again and again. Every time you do something many times, it becomes a habit. When something good happens many times it becomes a good habit. Those are the type you want. 😉

Increase the “client/grader/boss” opinion of you. Everybody has someone ahead of them on the “pyramid of power”. The pyramid of power for school goes as follows: A student has a teacher, a teacher has a principal, a principal has a superintendent, etc. To put it simply, whenever you impress somebody, you gain their respect. By completing a deadline in time your doing just that.

Able to relax. I often find myself extremely stressed late in the night when the deadline is supposed to be due. With spreading the the time and work out efficiently, I found myself already completed the task. The last time I got a quality sleep was the night of finishing a deadline much beforehand.

Deadlines are important in the every day life. They can make or break a career, they can make you miserable or joyful and they can dominate your every day life. But there are end results to a grueling deadline. Those results make my life.