The sun is a wonderful object. It makes the people we are. It sheds down light on us like we would never know and we, or at least me, take it for granted.

A few days ago I found that extravagant sun shining down on me while taking a bike ride. It was late in the afternoon and I was alone. Before I start to tackle the large hill, I am reminded of the beautiful circle by its jaw dropping horizon. The colors that fled the sky, purple, blue, red, orange, and even a slight shad of pink, were larger than life. After that one afternoon I have reminded myself every day to go look out at the sun for at least five minutes. Not only has my relaxation skyrocketed, but I’ve found some other key factors to note.

Get a family member or friend to join you. Anything is easier with another person. It’s someone to motivate you, to increase your relaxation, to make you feel better when times are down. Trust me from experience, you want to take another person along on the ride to success. A saying that fits perfectly in this situation is “the more the merrier”.

Feel happy to be alive. This is a time to reflect on what you have accomplished and to be thankful for being alive. No matter how down you are, if you take things into proportion, being alive is arguably the most important scheme in life. Do whatever you need to to realize that being alive is important that you should reflect on it daily.

Recite prayers under the sun. This relates much the previous point. When you pray, hoping for new good things to happen you replenish your soul with good thoughts. It’s a good idea to forget about yesterday and hope for good events to occur tomorrow. You’ll succeed in life if you follow that incredibly simple tip. If you had a bad day, forget about it.

Make watching sun a daily routine. Many great things can be accomplished when you make a good habit a daily routine. It gets the juices flowing, it puts your mind to work and honestly, you feel much better after following a positive habit. Watching the sun will feel great once it gets started.

Increase overall relaxation. Let watching the sun be a stepping stone toward making your life better. Here at Leisure Views, my goal is to increase your overall relaxation. It is possible to do that while watching the sun. Use the previous four tips to make your life better altogether. Hope you do well on the path to increasing your relaxation!