A smile is a priceless act in the world. It can make or break a day. In that way it is very much like a compliment. The difference? When you give someone a compliment, they probably don’t give someone else a compliment. Whereas smiles are “spreadable”; they use the domino effect.

Why Smile?

One reason and one reason only should satisfy your likings: it will make others happy. It should be one of the main reasons we all live, to make others feel better about themselves and better altogether. Why should there be another reason to smile? Honestly, there shouldn’t. It’s fulfilling enough for me to smile and bring someone’s negative atmosphere into a positive mood.

Because I’m feeling so much good energy, I’ll give you another reason to smile. It will make yourself happy. When you force yourself to do something good, most times you’ll end up being in a great mood yourself. This is because the uplifting sense of being can create new beginnings for your mood.

Uplift Using a Smile

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I like to challenge you, the reader. All I ask as my goal for you is to make one person better by smiling. It doesn’t have to be someone you know, it can be a stranger for all I care, just give someone in this world a smile. It will make them feel greater than you could ever imagine. I didn’t believe until someone gave a smile to me.

How To Smile?

Some people have trouble smiling themselves. If your not smiling yourself, how are you supposed to start the domino effect? If your one of those people who find it very hard to smile on a daily basis or your just plain depressed, here are five tips to smile yourself:

  1. Think if you were in a worse situation. It’s always possible to be in a worse position than where you’re at right now. You could be without a computer, living on the streets. If you are living on the streets, you could be dead. There is always a worse problem you could be facing.
  2. Take a deep breath. In this article, I taught some that taking a deep breath is necessary to release stress when times are incredibly tough. Here we learn that when you take a deep breath, it can actually make you forget about those bad moments in your day.
  3. Take a moment to ponder your redeeming qualities. You have redeeming qualities, trust me. Everyone has them. Are you a good athlete? Do your friends call you smart?
  4. Watch something funny. Whether it be a video that your friend made when he was a clown in a circus or a song that has hilarious lyrics, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll find that even the smallest jokes can make you smile and that is what’s so good about media.
  5. Go to sleep. Sometimes a good rest does some good for short term negative moods. You go to sleep thinking that you’ll never get out of your current status, but low and behold your up in a positive mood. Yes, it’s actually works.

A smile will help someone. It will bring someone up to new places. It will turn that frown upside down, but most importantly it will make you feel good for helping out a fellow citizen of the world.