Being respectful is a way to live your life. It can make or break your career. It’s a way to change your everyday actions. It’s a way to get others to appreciate you. There are unlimited positive possibilities when dealing with being respectful. We have all made the mistake of not being respectful at the correct time, even I am accountable for mistakes like these.

Credit to imapix

For instance, yesterday, I happened to be running across the street at an absurd rate and I bumped into a man. Instead of being respectful and saying sorry, I kept on running. Now lets analyze what I did wrong: a) I was being close-minded, only paying attention to where I was supposed to be, b) I did not apologize for what I did wrong. These are two common mistakes in people. Two mistakes that I don’t want you to make.

Be attentive. I believe that there is no way you can respect if you don’t understand. Listen to what others say and act accordingly. Others will appreciate you more than ever before when you listen to what they say.

Be slow. While you may be thinking that you will not hit a soul, there is a pretty good chance you are wrong. In a car, there is double the amount of risk of killing someone when going 35 miles per hours rather than 30 miles per hour.

Be kind. Under any circumstance, always be kind because that is the way you yourself would like to be treated, The Golden Rule. Anyone can use a little kindness in their day. Only positive things can come out of being kind.

Be intelligent (and make intelligent decisions). Intelligence is something that has been valued more and more since the beginning of time. If you want to be respectful, you have to use your brain. Read that one more time. Use your brain.

Be positive. People like people who are in good moods, always ready for a challenge. If you want to be respectful, be up and about. Nobody likes a person who is whining around the office, crying for attention. Be positive, it will attract people to respect you.

Be focused. Focus on a friends problem and try to help get it solved. That friend will respect you more than he or she already does. It will also get the word out that your a helping hand, more friends will come to find your services. You’ll be respected.

Below I challenge you to come up with three “be’s of respecting others”. Go for it!