(The following has been written by Robert Almares of Hear Mind Write)

You’re getting home from a long day of work. Good things have happened, bad things have happened, and you just want to relax. So, you grab a snack from the fridge and sit down in front of the television, or pull out a good book to read, or perhaps… write.

Writing might not be the first thing you think of when trying to wind down from an eventful day, but it may be the most beneficial. Why? The act of writing can not only be insightful, but it can also be therapeutic.

We aren’t talking about writing on a deadline, or writing for other people. This is simply writing for your own pleasure.

When you write for yourself, there are no rules and no boundaries. You are in total control of what you write. Whether you are simply writing about your day, or writing about thoughts you have on your mind, you can decide how it gets written.

If you are a person who values your privacy, you can choose to write in a diary. Diaries are a popular choice because of the privacy they allow their authors. Most of what is written in diaries is usually intimate and not meant for others to read. The security a diary offers is much safer than any private conversation. People may choose to write and reflect on their days, or just highlight their deepest thoughts and emotions without having to worry about other’s reactions. The only thing an author has to worry about is another person getting a hold of their diary.

If you are looking for an outlet that is more creative, you could always turn to fiction. When writing in fiction, you are allowed to put your own twist on reality. Perhaps that guy or girl who turned you down in real life gives you a chance in the fictional world. You can even give our boss a piece of your mind and have the outcome be positive, like a raise and a promotion instead of a pink slip. Whatever you want to happen, you can make it so in fiction. Some of the best fictional works are those which are derived from personal experience. Perhaps those moments in life you found traumatizing will turn themselves into award winning novels.

Maybe fiction isn’t your thing. If this is the case, then you may find a mock article more fitting. Articles can be both serious and playful. When an issue comes up that you feel needs to be explored, then you can write an in depth article or a commentary piece about it. Just getting the issue off your shoulders can be a very relaxing experience. When you are finished, you can pass it out to friends, family, or even submit it to a publication if you feel it is good enough. The reactions you receive from others can be very rewarding. You never know when an article you’ve written may help someone else in life.

So, the next time you feel you need to relax, turn off that TV, and put that book away. You might find the most relaxation may come from a pen and paper.